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Do you know the effects that sugar has on the skin? Sugar is not easy to resist. Humans look for reasons to ingest sugar repeatedly. It is highly addictive and causes great harm to the health of the skin. This is especially the case for processed sugars that could lead to the development of ageing skin, acne, rosacea, and even irritation. This read will help you pinpoint the reasons why you should eliminate sugar from your diet for the greater health of the skin.

Effects of Sugar on the Skin

  1. It causes breakouts: It fast-tracks conditions such as rosacea and acne. Through the glycemic index, studies show that some foods can cause the development of acne. The glycemic index is a scale the shows the speed of the blood sugar level rise and eating any type of food. Foods that increase the insulin levels trigger the oil glands on the skin leading to the formation of pimples. Thus, if you eat foods that are high in sugar, your body could develop a form of insulin resistance. This could trigger excess hair growth and lead to the formation of ageing spots. Dairy products affect the skin for some people, while in most of us the foods that contain higher sugar content are enough to cause breakouts.
  2. It can make you age: Sugar is a simple carbohydrate that has the potential of spiking your insulin. This could lead to inflammation, irritation, and itching. This could block the enzyme production that helps in the elastin and collagen breakdown. These two enzymes give the skin its youthful appearance. The skin becomes firm and the muscles present on your face attach to the skin easily. The body requires sugar to provide enough energy in the body. It also needs proteins to help the body perform most of its biological functions. If the level of sugar in the body is imbalanced then a free radical state will be present that will make it attack the available proteins. This makes the protein form a non-functioning glycated version of the protein. This new version is referred to as AGE that stands for an Advanced Glycation End.

What Is The Effect Of Sugar On The Skin?

Well, sugar is used in homemade cleansing routines for the skin. However, it is the worst alternative to use at home to cleanse your skin. The sugar that is intended for kitchen use was never meant for beautification purposes. The granules are sharp and course making them prone to damage the skin through cuts and causing trauma. This especially the case for people who have sensitive skin; they are prone to scarring, inflammation and redness.

Instead of using kitchen sugar for your skin regimen, try to use exfoliating masks that are recommended by dermatologists and contain black sugar that is beneficial for the skin. The granules of black sugar are better for the skin because they are softer and enrich the skin with vitamin B that promotes the growth of cells.