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Everyone wants healthy and beautiful skin. Nowadays, both women and men apply makeup to enhance their appearance. They spend a lot of money on enhancements such as masks, lotions, and scrubs. However, these do not guarantee youthful skin. They actually have the potential of making the skin look worse. These products cause the skin to dry up making it appear older and this is why hydration should be a basic skin regimen. This dryness begins at the core of the skin surface. This means that it is rarely addressed using the daily skin regimens since the regimens are more helpful to the top layer of the skin.

Dull, rough and scales are the characteristics of dry skin. The skin appears aged and wrinkly since the fine lines become more visible. Once the skin dries out completely, the chapping begins followed cracking and tearing. This is painful and unsightly. This happens on the skin’s top layer, which acts as the protective and outer cover. This break down makes the inner layers of the skin exposed to contaminants that irritate the skin and damage the healthy cells. This results in infections, acne, and even inflammation caused by irritants such as pollen, bacteria, and pollution.

The dryness is a result of the environment. Hot air, win, and the sun carries away the moisture from the skin and removes the protective oils from the skin making the skin appear healthier. Additionally, a poor lifestyle is a sure cause of dryness. This includes drinking, smoking, and lack of enough sleep. The make the skin deteriorate. To make it all worse, dry skin makes the skin products fail to work. The dead skin is not shed off as required. The following are some of the ways of staying hydrated to maintain the health of the skin.

  • With hot weather comes an issue of dehydration. Even without the hot weather, fitness enthusiasts are prone to dehydration. The key mode of preventing dehydration is ensuring that your daily water intake is not determined by your level of thirst. Drink as much water as you can when you can, and be sure to monitor your intake. Your body emits a lot of fluid through sweating, among other ways. You owe a duty to your body to replace the water it losses. Dehydration occurs when this is not balanced. If the body loses, more water than it takes in then you are bound to suffer from constipation sooner than you think. Ensure you stay hydrated during exercise, hot weather, or daily activities.
  • Water can be substituted with other fluids. However, this is not advised. Fluids like fruit and vegetable juices, clear soups, and herbal teas are also good sources of fluids for the body. They serve the same purpose as water to the stool. It should be noted that drinking more liquids does not necessarily cure constipation.
  • It will serve you best to seek medical advice about the right amount of water suitable for your body. Since some medical conditions like anemia may need more.
  • Avoid alcohol. It is a diuretic, which means that it helps in the discharge of water from the body leading to chronic dehydration. Other drinks of this nature are caffeinated drinks like coffee, tea, and colas. Moderate consumption, however, does not lead to severe dehydration.