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Very many factors affect the health of your skin. It could be hormones and season change. Food and nutrition play a large part in skin health. Many myths and misconceptions exist about the foods that improve and deteriorate the health of the skin. This guide will help you understand the foods that should be removed from your diet to maintain the health and youth of your skin.

Foods That Deteriorate the Health of the Skin


Alcohol: Avoid excessive alcohol intake especially during the cold season. This is because the skin needs heat during the cold season. The heat enables the capillaries to dilate and the blood to circulate more effectively. Alcohol intake makes the body lose more heat than it generates. Alcohol will dehydrate the body, lead to dry skin, and quite possibly frostbite.

Deep fried foods: These foods taste incredible and most of us cannot help but crave them due to hormonal changes. However, the oil present in the foods is capable of storing in the top layer of the skin. The oils are Hydrogenated Trans Fats and they have a negative effect on the complexion of the skin. This will lead to the development of acne, rashes, and inflammation that could cause irritation and itching.

Cheese: This is a healthy superfood. Dairy products though healthy play a big role in increasing the production of oil and lead to the blockage of the pores. This encourages breakouts and blackheads. If you fall into this category then you need to cut down on dairy products such as milk chocolate, cheese, butter, and milk.

Coffee: Caffeine dehydrates the body and encourages the skin to dry up. If you insist on drinking coffee then make sure that you follow it up with a lot of dehydration. Take note that some coffee drinks contain more caffeine than others do. Thus, you could do some research and work on your water intake with the acquired information.

Cold cuts: Do you like bologna sandwiches? However, sweet they may taste it might be time for you to reduce or cut off your intake. The meat slices are rich in sodium. A diet that is high in sodium causes eye puffiness, swelling, and water retention. Thus, if you have any of these signs then make sure that you cut off your cold cuts.

Doughnuts: By virtue of being sugary, it glycates glycogen. This means that this high-glycemic food causes collagen to stiffen and age. This leads to the development of wrinkles. To this list, include cookies. However, not all sugary foods should be avoided. Some donuts and cookies have no sugar additive.

Fruit juice: Juice diets are becoming more famous by the day for both adults and children. However, these juices contain a lot of sugar and no other nutritional value. The fruit fiber is extracted and this leaves behind a concentrated sugar that spikes insulin. This increases the chances of developing acne and other skin related conditions.