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Moisturizing is a mandatory part of any girl’s skin regimen. This is regardless of the makeup you use and how frequently you use it. A facial moisturizer will make your skin glow and beautiful. This guide will help you know the best times to moisturize your skin and help you incorporate that to your daily skin regimen.

The Moisturizing Clock


After washing the face:

Most people know about this and actually do it. It is best applied when the skin is still damp. This helps you to lock in the moisture in the skin. Thus, do not use it on drier skin, as it will lock in the dryness causing severe skin condition development. This means that after you use a facial cleanser, you do not have to use your towel. The best option is to let the skin air dry before application of the moisturizer.

In the morning:

As you wash your face as you begin your day, apply some moisturizer. It should be the final step of your skin routine. This means that even after applying your primer and foundation, it would be beneficial if you still used the moisturizer. The moisturizer would be more beneficial if it had a sunscreen that had a broad-spectrum formula. This will protect your skin throughout the day from harmful UV rays of the sun. Even after you do this, remember that you should still take extra precaution when it comes to protecting your skin from the sun. This includes covering the exposed body parts, reducing the time you spend exposed to the sun and staying in shaded areas when outdoors. Make sure that you carry the bottle with you while you are on the move to moisturize your skin if it dries up as an effect of the environment.

Before you sleep:

A super-hydrating moisturizer would do wonders on your skin before bed. You could get an overnight facemask that rejuvenates your skin as you get your beauty rest. You could apply this mask on the face, jawline, and neck region just before you go to bed. Once you wake up, you can go about the normal morning skincare routine. You will see the results of this within a few days.

Before and after a flight:

The air inside an airplane could be extremely dry. This means that the laws of osmosis will apply and the environment with the plan will absorb water from its surroundings including your skin. This means that you may want to carry a bottle with you as you travel. Make sure that it is accessible. Cleanse your skin with water ran apply a moisturizer. Repeat this process after landing and maintain your complexion throughout your journey.

Immediately you step out of the shower:

Your face is not the only area that needs some moisture. The rest of your body needs some care especially after the surface hydration in the shower. Make sure that you seal in the moisture with a hydrating moisturizer after your shower.