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Who does not enjoy a good sauna and steam experience? The warmth offers a lot of relaxation. Did you know that it also affects your skin? There are pros and cons of this effect on the skin and this guide will help you know where you lie. The truth is that the steam from saunas and steam rooms could affect your skin positively or negatively depending on your skin type.

The Two Main Effects of the Skin in the Steam Room

  • The humidity from the steam offers top layer surface hydration
  • The internal temperature of the skin increases because the temperature of the steam is about 110 degrees. This dilates the capillaries, which helps the blood circulate effectively. When this happens, you will notice your skin look red and flushed, for most skin types.

The Two Skin Benefits from the Steam Room and Sauna

  1. It is already clear that the steam from the steam room and sauna hydrates the skin. The cells of the skin are similar to a fish. They need water to survive and the steam offers just that. The layers of the skin surface will look healthy and be moist. Take note that the steam needs to be sealed into the skin after the steam experience or else it will be lost through a process known as osmosis. The air outside the sauna and steam room is dry. This means that once you step out of the room the air will draw water from wherever including your skin, making it dry up immediately. Make sure that you apply a sealant or protective moisturizer on the skin to maintain the hydration into the skin. This should be a cream or serum.
  2. The increased blood circulation supports heat. Blood transports nutrients and oxygen to the cells throughout the body and skin. This makes the cell maintain their metabolism at their optimum. This supports the effective process function of repair making the skin cells maintain their youthful appearance. This slows down the ageing process and stimulates the flow of blood to the skin.
  3. It helps soften the debris in the pores. The heat warms up the skin causing the debris to soften up and loosen for the easy elimination of blackheads. This is why steam is used during facials.

Cons of the Steam Room and Sauna on the Skin

The intense heat that is emitted has the potential of negatively affecting the skin. This is especially the case for people who suffer from skin conditions such as rosacea, which makes the skin appear red and is easily stimulated. The high temperature of the skin dilates the capillaries in the skin increasing the intensity of the redness. Nevertheless, if you still want to engage in sauna and steam room adventures, you have the option of using an ice-cold washcloth on the affected area when in the room. This will maintain the internal skin temperature. This will constrict your capillaries and maintain a cool skin. Alternatively, you can purchase a soothing mask and apply it on your skin. It has the same effect as the ice-cold washcloth.